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Ok I got word this morning that the Campground we had last year is open.  This year we will be at the Moqui Campgroun in the Simmons Pod.  Please take note of that location.  There will be a sign up, but it might not be clearly marked.  I will have my HT on the talkin frequency as well as the clubs VHF/UHF radio.  If you need help finding us, please give us a call on the radio. Also please see the image below for the campground.

Here is the location.

Last Night's meeting

Had a great meeting last night. 4 People showed up to discuss what needed to be done for Field Day. Plus we discussed what the new website is going to be looking like. It was a very productive meeting.

Field Day will be up on the Rim again this year.  We have decided to do dry camping near Blue Ridge Resevoir/Rock Creek Campground area.

Field Day is an annual event for all Amateur's to get on the field from the field or EOC's.

This will be dry camping so bring you will have to bring water.


More info will be posted as we get closer.,-111.2259461,15z?hl=en

For those who have missed it.  Our new website is up and running.  All members are asked to click on the Join button on  We will be eventually phasing this page out.  We will be posting to both sites until we are fully ready to make the other for full time.

Don't forget to become an ARRL Member.  We need more ARRL members.

This Thursday we will have a meeting on May 28th at 6:30PM at the Mesa Utililty building.

Meeting topic will be Field Day planing, discussion about the upcoming changes on the website, and planning other meetings.

It would be awesome to see more people there.

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